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Set out to the treasures of history and culture!

Take an unforgettable trip to the city on two continents. Discover the legacy of three great empires that are still present in Istanbul today. Experience the Orient and Occident and enjoy the unique mixture between the European big city life and the fairy tale from Arabian Nights.

The diversity of this breathtaking metropolis is hard to discover in a few days. In the European part of Istanbul, the old city of Sultanahmet is situated. The most significant antique and touristic treasures lie here in the center between the Golden Horn and the Sea of Marmara. In this area the heart of the city was already beating in the Byzantine, Roman and Ottoman times. The most magnificent palaces and mosques, the greatest churches and museums are located here. Fascinating historic structures still bear witness to bygone emperors, kings and sultans.

The architecture of the city is characterized by numerous elements of a variety of architectural styles from ancient times, the middle ages and modern times. So today's Istanbul has shaped into an admirable metropolis that makes a lasting impression on its visitors.

Visit the splendid interior of the legendary Hagia Sophia, get lost in the Topkapı Palace, seated on its throne on one of the seven hills above the city and find out why the Blue Mosque is the only mosque with six minarets. Take a tour through the vibrant and trendy quarters of Beyoglu and admire the city from the top of the gorgeous Galata Tower. Marvel at the picturesque summer residences, elegant wooden villas and pompous palaces, while you listen to the seagulls by the Bosphorus. There are endless possibilities to get to know the city from its most beautiful side.
Follow the footsteps of thousands-of-years-old history. Cross the bridge from east to west, from antique times to modern times and experience Istanbul!